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This is our baby and dream. We were given advice that the longer it sits the worse it gets. Now we are renting it out when we dont have time to use it. We would expect the renters to take great care of it as we have. This is like a home on wheels. Not much to worry about but a lot to learn. There is a deposit to reserve your dates which is fully refundable if you bring back our rv in the same condition it left in. We make sure that everything is working great and up to par before it ever leaves our house so if something goes wrong it will come out of your deposit. We will know as my husband keeps all receipts and take pictures every time because you never know when you will end up fighting someone lying about damages. We are very fair and considerate we are not out to screw anyone over as we will ask that you be honest with us and show us the same respect! This motorhome is very enjoyable and has made many long trips without any issues, such as South Dakota, Denver, and California. FYI if you bring our motorhome back and you have smoked in it you will lose your full deposit because smoke doesnt come out easily and it's a smoke free environment! You have to use RV toilet paper only!

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