Smart RV Owners are turning their RV’s into additional income by sharing them when not in use. RentWizard makes it easy to list your vehicle and gain the exposure you need to find qualified renters. You decide who rents, when and at what price. Just by listing your RV for rent, you qualify for significant tax benefits! Just click on the 'Tax Deduction Estimator' box to see how much you can be saving on your taxes. It's likely to surprise you.

How Much Does it Cost
if I Sign Up Today?

The For a limited time, listing your RV on RentWizard costs just $199.90/year. If you were introduced to RentWizard by one of our Ambassadors, you will see a Promo Code on the literature, which entitles you to an extra SIX MONTHS FREE! (A Total of 18 months for just $199.90.) Simply apply the Promo Code when prompted for your EXTRA SAVINGS.

Once your listing is up on the RentWizard website, renters will find your vehicle through our unique multi-million dollar marketing efforts so you can generate significant rental income in a safe and secure manner. You set all the rental parameters so you are always in control of who rents, when and at what price.

The best part is RentWizard makes safely and securely renting your RV a snap. We know many RV Owners are not set up to handle credit cards, process security deposits, have the right check-out and check-in forms, or how to handle insurance. RentWizard helps with all that, and much more for a nominal 15% service fee. And since you set your own price, you are always in control of the exact amount of income you make from every rental! That’s how to turn your RV into a Money-Making Machine!

And remember, just by listing your vehicle on RentWizard, you qualify for substantial tax savings, which is reason enough to list your RV today! (See RentWizard’s Tax Deduction Estimator to determine how much you can start saving on taxes.)